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About Fresh Start

Justin Mawhirter, founder of Fresh Start Woodworks, has over 15 years of experience in the remodeling industry. He founded a construction company known as Just In Time Remodeling in 2016, where his team focuses on bathroom and kitchen remodeling, drywall and flooring, decks, and carpentry. His experience as a contractor led him to realize the significant opportunity in the Midwest for quality cabinetry available at a reasonable price in a reasonable timeline. The current options for cabinetry are either custom carpenters that are 1-2 man operations with extended lead times and limited production capabilities, or you can purchase from large manufacturers who struggle with quality control and tend to compromise on the material and finish options to save on cost and emphasize speed of production.

There is a huge demand for something in between those two options. That is why Fresh Start Woodworks will marry the quality and built-to-order nature of a small carpentry shop with the efficiency and scalability of a manufacturing operation. We hope to prioritize quality and personal service while scaling beyond just 1 or 2 employees so that we can keep up with demand and offer better timelines than small operations can. We also see a huge opportunity to grow and scale over time, providing much-needed employment opportunities and creating a significant economic impact.

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Core Values






Our Mission

Fresh Start Woodworks is a new manufacturing company based in Great Bend, Kansas with a two-fold mission centering around providing the highest quality cabinetry to contractors and other industry dealers, while also providing some mentorship and job training opportunities for people who need a fresh start after addiction or other life controlling issues.

Why Choose Fresh Start Woodworks


At Fresh Start Woodworks, we are proud of our craftsmanship and commitment to providing a high quality product. We understand the timeliness of each job, and strive to complete every order in a dependable and timely manner. Our commitment to craftsmanship and quality sets us apart from our competitors and ensures that your cabinetry is built to last!

confidence guarantee

At Fresh Start Woodworks, we understand that your reputation is on the line when you sell cabinetry to your customers or install it in your properties. We provide a Customer Confidence Guarantee, which is our promise that we will provide quality products you can be proud of, and that we will stand behind our workmanship to make sure you can deliver the very best to your customers. Learn more on our Dealers page.

life-changing opportunities

We are more than just a cabinetry manufacturer. We have a two-fold mission that centers around providing the highest quality cabinetry while also providing employment and job training opportunities for people who need a fresh start after addiction or other life controlling issues. When you choose Fresh Start Woodworks, you are supporting our mission and helping to make a positive impact in our community.

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Service area

At Fresh Start, we are proud to offer our premium custom cabinetry services to customers across the State of Kansas. We are based in Great Bend, Kansas, which makes us centrally located with quick access to major highways and interstates. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality custom cabinets. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure that our dealers beautiful products they can be proud to sell to their customers.

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